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University and Teaching Information

University Links

The following links provide more information on programs here at

The University of Memphis.

The Fogelman College of Business. The UofM’s AACSB-accredited school of business. The best business education you can find in the Mid-South.

The BIT Department at the Fogelman College. A great MIS department, gaining respect around the world for its research, teaching, and business outreach missions.

The Crews Center for Entrepreneurship. The heart and soul of all things related to innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.

Relevant IT Links

Students interested in MIS should try to stay current with what is going on in the industry. See the sites below for more information on technology events, careers, etc.

IT-related magazines/journals/links:


CIO Magazine

Wired Magazine



Career resources:

LinkedIn.com - A “must have” when building your professional network

Monster.com - General career search engine

careerbuilder.com - General career search engine

careerjournal.com – The Wall Street Journal’s career site

dice.com - IT career search engine

computerjobs.com – IT career search engine

University Course Information

Over the years, I managed to teach quite a few courses, on a variety of topics:

MIS 2755 - Introduction to MIS

MIS 3770 - System Analysis Methods

MIS 3790 - Network Design and Management

MIS 7170 - Global IT Management

MIS 7465 - Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 7480 - Thriving In an Information Age

MIS 7610 - Systems Analysis & Design

MIS 7615 - Data Communication & Networks

MIS 7640 - IS Management & Planning

MIS 7650 - Information Systems Global Enterprise

MIS 7655 - Advanced Systems Analysis

MIS 8640 - IS Management & Planning

MIS 8710 - Seminar in Information Systems I

MGMT 7421 - Self Leadership

BA 7719 - Strategic Change Management

BA 7720 - Executive MBA Innovation Practicum

MKTG 7555 - Creativity and Innovation

UNHP 1100 - Honor’s Forum

UNIV2555 - Creativity, Innovation, and Design

Teaching Awards

Teaching is important to me, and is one of the more enjoyable things I get to do as a professor. I have been fortunate enough to be named a University of Memphis Distinguished Teacher and have also been awarded the MIS Advisory Council’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Suzanne Downs Palmer Professorship for Teaching, and most recently was named a George Johnson Teaching Fellow.

Important Information for IT Students: Internships

One thing all IT students should consider is gaining IT industry experience as a student intern. Here are some good links to help you get started:

Fogelman College Internship Website